We have released the following software in our group. All of these are under a BSD/MIT/Illinois license. We ask that you cite the relevant papers if you use any of our software in your research. Please contact us if you want access to something not listed here. Our Github organization is DependableSystemsLab.


  • PCMeetingDashboard – A web application for PC meetings that interfaces with HotCRP (via offline download of their data). We developed it for the DSN’19 PC meeting, but it was also used in HPDC’19, DSN’20, DSN’21, SRDS’22 PC meetings. This was developed by Kumseok Jung.
  • PPT Checker – This is a tool for checking your PPT presentations (and Google slides) for consistency and clarity. Examples of things it can check are whether slide numbers are consistent, fonts are large and high-contrast images are used. It can also check for excessive text or whether complete sentences are used (not desirable). This was developed by Abraham Chan.