not getting killed by your roommate in the four months that you’re on exchange

Living in such close proximity with someone is really hard, especially when you’re used to being an only child and having your own space.

Luckily for me, my roommate is someone I’ve known since I was five years old. That just makes it a lot easier for us to live together, since we’ve become so tolerant of each other and we know what we’re like.

Having said that, I know that I’m really not the easiest person to get along with. Again, because I’m an only child, I’m really used to having my own way (or the high way). Having lived with Stef and seeing her for almost 24 hours every day has really helped me to grow and become more tolerant. I’ve always had problems with controlling my temper, being more easy-going and open-minded, and having a loose sense of humor. I don’t take jokes easily, can’t really tell when someone’s trying to joke with me (unless it’s super obvious), and it’s quite hard to change my mind on certain things once I’ve set my mind to it. I also tend to care too much about things. You might think that it’s impossible to care too much – it is most definitely possible, and I’ve done it enough to know that I can become really nosy at times.

But I’ve come to realize that not everything has to be a certain way. People have to learn to be flexible and accepting, or else how are they going to make it in the world only believing what they’ve seen and been told?

So to anyone reading this blog post, it’s an apology. Or a sort of warning or disclaimer – I’m sorry for my temper, and I’m sorry for my inability to be flexible. Please know that I’m trying very hard to improve myself and to learn to be more accepting of things that I haven’t experienced before, or don’t agree with.

I’m trying to change my behaviours and habits. Trying to let go more easily of things that I might not be the most happy with, and letting other people have their freedom. I might act like a mom, but I’m not everyone’s mom and not everyone needs a mom hovering over them all the time. Exchange is a time for you to grow, not to be taken care of by someone else.

Real friends speak up when they see something that they don’t think is good for their friends. I’m hoping that my real friends will tell me if I’m being too serious, or if I’m being too nosy – I’m hoping that they’re going to help me improve and to become a better person as well.

Exchange is a wonderful chance for self-growth – it’s time to take charge, and use the resources that you have around you to build yourself into a better person.

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