EXTENDED CDC Scholarship Program deadline JUNE 27, 2019


CDC has extended its Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship Program deadline to June 30, 2019.

If you have not already submitted an application and wish to do so, please let Lia know by tomorrow, June 11, 2019 so that she can prepare your transcripts.

You must submit a completed application to Lia by Thursday, June 27.  Please make sure you are aware of all required documentation.


For the application to be complete, please attach the following documents:

  • All official undergraduate and graduate transcripts of the student (copies accepted);
  • a list of the student’s contributions to research and development;
  • a summary of the student’s proposed research, including experimental design, information on facilities and equipment to be used (maximum of two pages);
  • résumé of the research/thesis director including credentials;
  • a description of the benefit or impact and application of the proposed research to the dairy industry (maximum of one page);
  • two letters of reference from university professors

Award announcements are expected by late July/early August

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