U-Pass exemption application for Summer 2022 Term (May to August 2022)


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The online exemption application for the 2022 Summer Term (May to August 2022) is now available. The attached email was sent to the students today. Please note, for this term as indicated on the attached email, there are two exemption application forms (regular U-Pass BC exemptions through SSC and COVID-19 U-Pass BC exemptions through AMS) and the students must apply through the correct application form if meeting the specific exemption criteria. The exemption deadlines for this term will be May 27, 2022 (regular U-Pass exemptions through SSC) and May 27, 2022 (COVID-19 U-Pass BC exemptions through AMS).


For the students who will be applying for exemption under “Regular U-Pass BC exemptions” (i.e. Co-Op or Practicum or Graduate students completing their thesis course while living outside of Metro Vancouver area) and if you know who the students are, please provide me a list of your students as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for the information.


If your students have any questions or concerns regarding U-Pass program or U-Pass exemptions, please refer them to our U-Pass website or send an email at upass.exemptions@ubc.ca. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to reach out to me.


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2022 Summer Term U-Pass Exemption Email

Mantavya Kaushik (he, him, his)

Student Financial Processing Specialist

U-Pass Administration | Enrolment Services | Student Financial Management
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