Microsoft Software for LFS Grads


How to get free software from Microsoft

All UBC Students with a valid CWL account are eligible to receive Microsoft Office 365. Students enrolled in an LFS course or program are also entitled to a FREE Imagine Premium Subscription.

Instructions for Obtaining Software

Microsoft Office 365

All active UBC students with a valid CWL account now qualify for a free Office 365 subscription, which includes free downloads of: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Students running Windows can also install Publisher and Access. The software lasts for one year after the initial download and can be installed on up to five devices including iPad/iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. To access the software, follow this link:

Microsoft Imagine Premium Subscription

Imagine Premium is a Microsoft Program that provides FREE access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Any active UBC students enrolled in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems is eligible to download selected Microsoft operating system, server and development tools, for your personal device, to support teaching and learning purposes only. Any faculty member employed to teach STEM courses to your students, assist with STEM courses, labs or programs for your students, or conduct non-commercial STEM research on your behalf are also eligible. Please follow this Imagine Premium link and sign on with your UBC CWL account. For more information about Imagine Premium, please visit the Official Imagine site.

Product Keys

Product Keys are required to install most of the software provided by the Imagine Premium program. Keys are obtained on-line after your login with your UBC CWL. Note: Users are limited to one key per software program. However, multiple versions of operating systems are provided (example: 32 bit and 64 bit), and can both be used.

Windows 10 Privacy Concerns?

When setting up Windows 10, please remember to review your privacy settings. Lifehacker provides a short summary (link is external) of what these settings do, as does this CNet article(link is external).


Community meeting


LFS Community Meeting

The Community Meeting for LFS faculty, staff and students will take place on Thursday, April 19 at 12:00-1:00pm in FNH 40. Coffee and cookies will be provided.




12:00-12:05 Dean’s message

12:05-12:20 Update on Food and Nutrition Working Group – Kara Vogt/Candice Rideout

12:20-12:40 “Factors for Undergraduate Achievement: Sense of Belonging, Wellbeing and Task Value” – Brenna Han/Candice Rideout

12:40-1:00 Stadium Neighbourhood consultation phase 2 presentation – Joanne Proft/Neal LaMontagne/Gerry McGeough/Meghan Murray, Campus & Community Planning



GSS Student Satisfaction Survey

We are inviting you to share your thoughts and insights on your graduate school experience with us by completing this year’s survey.

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How are graduate students making an impact away from the classroom?

Read how Lori Campbell and Natalie Marshall balance volunteering with their studies

If you know someone who is doing interesting things away from campus and would like to be profiled, let us know.

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Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention

Learn what you can do to help prevent sexual violence by joining our free workshop run by the GSS



GSS Takes on Curling

Get your slide on…

Come learn one of the most popular sports in Canada: curling! We’ll have private instructors, exclusively for UBC graduate students, to teach you to sweep your way to success.


Call for Applications: Tri-Agency CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements


CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements – Spring 2018 Competition

The Canada Graduate Scholarships – Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (CGS-MSFSS) Program supports high-calibre Canadian graduate students in building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional research experiences at research institutions abroad. By accessing international scientific research and training, CGS-MSFSS recipients will contribute to strengthening the potential for collaboration between Canadian and foreign institutions.

Applicant eligibility: Open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who hold a Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) at the Master’s or doctoral level or a Vanier CGS. Please note that international students who hold a Vanier CGS are not eligible for this award.

Award value: Up to CAD $6,000 for two to six months

Applicant deadline: 4:00pm on Friday, 11 May 2018

For details about this competition, please see:

If you have any questions, please contact your awards clerk:

·         Natalie Thorson (APSC, MEDI, DENT, PHAR, UBC-O):

·         Angela Rizzo (ARTS, EDUC, LAW, ISGP):

·         Joanne Tsui (COMM, FRST, SCIE, LFS):

Thesis Defense – PhD – ISLFS


UBC – Faculty of Land and Food Systems Announces
The Oral Examination for the Degree of 

(Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems) 


“A Realist Implementation Evaluation of British Columbia’s School Food and Beverage Sales Policy”

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 12:30 pm

Room 203, Graduate Student Centre
Latecomers will not be admitted




Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin (Curriculum Studies)

 Supervisory Committee:

Dr. Gwen Chapman, Research Co-Supervisor (Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)

Dr. Hannah Wittman, Research Co-Supervisor (Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems)

Dr. Barbara Seed (B.Seed Consulting)

 University Examiners:

Dr. Kerry Renwick (Curriculum Studies)

Dr. David Boyd (Resources, Environment and Sustainability)


Everyone is welcome