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May Focus: Enjoying the Rhythm of Summer

Being on campus in the summer is a special time—there is both an energy and a calm which offers a chance for us to increase our focus on the most important things we are working on.

To this end, it is the perfect time to join us at the Research Commons. Why wait until the moment before your thesis is due? Instead, enjoy the summer pace and check our great workshops off your list. They will truly help improve your efficiency with your thesis research, data collection, citation management, and formatting.

Quick Links

·         Featured Instructor

·         When you decide to come to a Research Commons Workshop, you are making an investment in yourself with the guidance of our in-house experts.

·         Meet Lok

·         Lok joined our Research Commons team in 2017. He brings his expert knowledge of SPSS and R software to the classroom and to his own research. This summer, he hopes to complete his Masters in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology in the Faculty of Education.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/e1971ea25e9795a7f96774ae7/images/6c0baeb3-4c63-40e5-b45b-41a429e82fe0.jpg

If you have not had a chance to join the SPSS workshops with Lok and Vishal (Lok’s co-instructor), now would be the perfect time!

Because the landscape of quantitative data management software changes so quickly, Lok and Vishal work together to evolve the content of their workshops and consults on an ongoing basis. Their workshop covers SPSS and you can get help with SPSS, R, and Stata via 1-1 consultation.

Not sure where to even start with quantitative data management? That’s OK too! Book a consult today and Lok or Vishal can provide guidance on where to start and how to make the best decisions about quantitative software in your research.

Register for Lok and Vishal’s SPSS workshops.
Book a one-on-one consult.

 SPSS Support 

Many of our SPSS workshop participants say they only wished they had come to our workshop earlier! Join us today to learn this user-friendly statistical analysis software. You don’t need to write any code – SPSS does this for you with just a few clicks. 

SPSS Part 1: Environment, Data Entry and One Variable Analysis
Koerner Library, Room 217
Thursday, May 24th
10 AM – 12 PM

SPSS Part 2: Data Management and Bivariate Analysis
Koerner Library, Room 217
Thursday, May 31st
10 AM – 12 PM

You can also book a one-on-one SPSS consultation

 One-on-One Consults

We reopen for consults on May 14th! Book a consult here.

We offer consults in: 

  • Citation Management
  • GIS
  • NVivo
  • SPSS or R
  • Stata
  • Thesis Formatting

Our consults are conveniently offered in Room 218A in the Koerner Library (floor below main entrance). Can’t make it to campus? These consults are also available by Skype! 

NVivo Workshops

Working with text-based or multi-media data such as interviews, focus groups, or videos? NVivo is a powerful, user-friendly tool that can help you with data analysis. Join our workshop and see for yourself why so many our our past students only wish they came by sooner!

Join us this month for NVivo on the PC:

NVivo (Part 1) for PC – Getting Started with NVivo
Koerner Library, Room 217 (floor below main entrance)
Tuesday, May 15th
10 AM – 12 PM

NVivo (Part 2) for PC – Classification and Datasets
Koerner Library, Room 217 (floor below main entrance)
Tuesday, May 22nd
10 AM – 12 PM

Join us in June for NVivo on the MAC! If these dates don’t work for you, book a one-on-one NVivo consultation by going here 

Citation Management

Not sure which citation management tool to pick? Check out our handy comparison table to help you decide. Join us in the month of May for Zotero, Mendeley and RefWorks workshops.


Introduction to Citation Management Using Zotero
Koerner Library, Room 217
Wednesday, May 16th
10 AM – 12 PM


Introduction to Citation Management Using Mendeley
Koerner Library, Room 217
Wednesday, May 23rd
10 AM – 12 PM


Introduction to Citation Management Using RefWorks
Koerner Library, Room 217
Wednesday, May 30th
10 AM – 12 PM

One-on-One Consults
If your questions are more specific than our workshops or you need guidance on where to get started, please don’t hesitate to book a one-on-one consult 

Literature Reviews (Part 1 and 2)

A literature review is one of the key ways of building a foundation for a research project. Collecting material for your literature review is only half the task; the other half is writing the review. Take both of these workshops to get on the right track for researching and writing.

Literature Reviews (Part 1): Great Research Starts Here!
Thursday, May 17th
10 AM – 12 PM
Koerner Library—Room 217 (one floor below main entrance)

Topics covered in the Literature Reviews (Part 1): Great Research Starts Here workshop include:  

  • finding the right databases
  • search strategies for databases 
  • finding scholarly articles, theses and dissertations, books, and more 
  • resources to help you keep track of your research. 

Literature Reviews (Part 2): Great Writing Starts Here!
Friday, May 25th
10AM – 12PM
Koerner Library—Room 216 (one floor below main entrance)

Join this dynamic workshop to learn about:

  • structuring the written product, including making a point, connecting ideas and themes, and providing a scaffold for the broader research project
  • examining sample reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses

If you have further questions about Literature Reviews, including research or writing, contact research.commons@ubc.ca.

 Graduate Student Writing Community

Weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

Writer’s block? Feeling isolated in your research and writing? Bit of both? You are not alone! Come discover what a difference writing in a community can make in one of our weekly writing communities! Join us on Tuesdays from 2PM-4PM or Wednesdays from 5PM-7PM


Thesis Formatting Support

Have you heard about our Thesis Formatting workshop? Students consistently comment that this workshop saves them immense amounts of time. Join us this month! The last half hour of this interactive workshop is reserved for questions so you can get the specific help you need.

Friday, May 18th or Friday, June 1st
Koerner Library – Room 217 (floor below main entrance)
10AM – 12PM

Do you have specific questions about the formatting of your thesis that are not covered in our workshops? Book an appointment with one of our Thesis Formatting experts using the consult form.

Don’t forget to also check out our Thesis Formatting resources, including templates and guides!  

 Systematic Reviews Search Methods 

Need to know what the search process for systematic reviews is about? This session will cover: the stages of the systematic review process; framing your research question with tools like PICO; searching Medline and other databases, and the grey literature; and tips for using citation management software for systematic reviews.

Woodward Library
Computer Lab – Room B25
Thursday, May 24th
12PM – 2 PM

Can’t make this session? Contact your subject librarian or Woodward Library for additional resources and one-on-one help.


 Pixelating: A Digital Humanities Mixer
Co-working Sessions

The Pixelating Mixer is an opportunity for DH scholars across campus to meet colleagues, talk tools, brainstorm ideas and network with others who use digital tools to explore and visualize their research. Join us Thursdays 12-2 in Koerner Library

Free Vancouver Aquarium Lecture: The Strange Case of the Singing Toadfish and its Bizarre Mating Behaviour | Ocean Matters Lecture – Tuesday 22 May


The Strange Case of the Singing Toadfish and its Bizarre Mating Behaviour | Ocean Matters Lecture

Join us for a fascinating look at the Plainfin Midshipman Fish. Learn about this strange and wonderful singing toadfish that can be found on beaches right here in British Columbia! These fish have many bizarre and wonderful courtship behaviours. They also have an unusual parental care system where the males are the sole protectors of the young. If this is not interesting enough, these fish also have light emitting cells on their body that they use to hunt prey!

Dr. Sigal Balshine, a professor from McMaster University, has been studying these fish and their strange behaviour for over 10 years! She will reveal little known facts about these incredible fish and how they are helping biologists understand the evolution of mating behaviours of all animals!

This event will be signed by an ASL interpreter. For further information see ocean.org/oceanmatters or contact ruth.sharpe@ocean .org

When? Tuesday 22 May – 7pm (doors 6.30pm)
Price: Free, but register here to guarantee your seat
Accessibility: This event will be ASL signed and is wheel-chair accessible
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium
Facebook Event: Here!
Livestreaming?: Yes!! On the Vancouver Aquarium YouTube Channel

If you have any questions please let me know.

Many Thanks,


Ruth Sharpe, PhD
Manager of Public Programs

D 604 659 3497

GPS Events: Non-Academic Job Search & Cops in the Head Conflict Theatre + Other events: Careers for Not For Profits


There is still space for tomorrow’s:

Submitting Your Thesis | Tue, May 15

In-person: 9:30 – 10:30 AM grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16160-submitting-your-thesis

Webinar: 1:00 – 2:00 PM PDT  grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16159-submitting-your-thesis-webinar


The Steps of Planning Your Doctoral Exam | Tue, May 15

In-person:  10:45 AM – 12:00 PM grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16161-steps-planning-your-doctoral-exam 

Webinar: 2:15 – 3:30 PM PDT grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16158-steps-planning-your-doctoral-exam-webinar


This is a friendly reminder that Anne Krook will be coming to UBC next Tuesday, May 22nd for:

The Vivien M Srivastava Lecture 2018: The Non-Academic Job Search for Graduate Students and Postdocs Tues, May 22 | 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM


·         Theatre 1, Life Sciences Institute @UBC Point Grey Campus (In-person session)

·         CHAN 2111, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (via video conferencing)

·         DHCC 1020, Vancouver General Hospital (via video conferencing)

·         Room 260, Reichwald Health Sciences Centre @UBC-O (via video conferencing)

For details and to register, visit: grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16781-non-academic-job-search-graduate-students-postdocs


Cops in the Head: Rehearsing Courage, Enacting Confidence

Tues, May 22 | 12:30 – 2:30 PM @ Life Sciences Building, UBC Point Grey Campus

For details and to register: grad.ubc.ca/about-us/events/16813-cops-head-rehearsing-courage-enacting-confidence 


Check out community.grad.ubc.ca for other opportunities including:

Careers in Not For Profits May 24 | 5:30 to 7:30 PM @Brock Hall  community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4769

Early Career Grants from National Geographic (Info Session) May 31 | 3 -5 PM @ Earth Sciences Building community.grad.ubc.ca/forum/4768

Job Opportunities at EA Sports Info Session, RSVP by May 14 | community.grad.ubc.ca/forum/4771

Opportunities in Neuroprosthetics @ University of Montreal | community.grad.ubc.ca/forum/4764

NVivo Workshop, May 22 | community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4700

Citation Management using Mendeley | community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4717

SPSS Workshop for Beginners, May 24 | community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4719

Session on Conducting Systematic Reviews, May 24 | community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4722

Literature Review Workshop, May 25 | community.grad.ubc.ca/event/4709


Thank you,


Jacqui Brinkman
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