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Hope your academic year is off to a great start! Please share the latest UBC Library Research Commons Newsletter  below with all of your students. If you prefer, you can share the linked version here: 


We hope to host your students here soon in the UBC Library Research Commons.  

Thank you for your help in spreading the word, 

Sarah Blay
Program and Administrative Assistant

Research Commons | Koerner Library

The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
219 – 1958 Main Mall | Vancouver BC | V6T 1Z2 Canada
sarah.blay@ubc.ca | 604-822-6363

Have Fun this Fall with the GSS


Awesome October Events

We’ve got tons of great events for you over the next few weeks. Coming up this weekend our wine tour of the beautiful Fraser Valley and an academic writing boot-camp. Then later this month join the GSS for an evening of murder and mystery or find inner peace with our free Thrive yoga. 

A fantastic half day touring the beautiful Fraser Valley in the comfort of a limo. Along the way you’ll stop to try delectable wines at locations such as Township 7, Backyard Vineyard, Vista D’Oro Farms & Winery and Krause Berry Farm & Estate Winery. Only $55 for graduate students



Separate yourself from distractions and non-research responsibilities, and surround yourself with a community of writers at the GSS’s first one-day academic bootcamp on October 13th, hosted by the award-winning instructor and editor Dr. Letitia Henville. This bootcamp is open to all UBC graduate students.




Science World After Dark Murdercon!

Join fellow graduate students and the GSS for this special edition of After Dark: Murder Con at Science World, just in time for Halloween!

MurderCon is an interactive murder mystery event set at a Sci-Fi fan convention where YOU solve a grisly crime using science! Cocky actors, greedy executives and obsessive fans are sure to ignite some dramatic clashes.

SIGN UP. ..for an evening of murder and mystery


Free yoga for grad students

Did you know? 9 in 10 graduate students report that mental health is very important and that it impacts them directly.*

Give yourself a break from the books or labs! Come out for a FREE 1 hour yoga session as part of UBC’s Thrive Week.   BOOK YOUR SLOT


Are you a Graduate Student with disability?

The GSS is hosting focus groups on  October 19th to collect qualitative data on the needs of graduate students and how we at the Graduate Student Society can best support them at UBC.

These will be held at Thea Koerner House.

The kind of issues we hope to gauge opinions on include:

•             Funding

•             On-campus job opportunities

•             On-campus housing

•             Required equipment and technologies

•             Recreation facilities

•             Libraries accessibility

•             sense of belonging on campus.

To join a group email: aa@gss.ubc.ca with your name and list what time would be most convenient to speak to us.


The Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Diversity and Inclusion was struck last spring to examine and report back to the UBC Vancouver Senate on the current academic environment and its impact on student and faculty diversity and inclusion. It works to develop a framework for incorporating considerations of diversity and inclusion into academic decision making; and where appropriate provide recommendations to changes in Senate policies to better support students and faculty in fulfilling their full potential.

If you would like to be the student representative, please send an email that includes your name, degree, department and 1 paragraph explaining why you would like to serve as representative to aa@gss.ubc.ca by Wednesday, October 17th. 


Community Announcements



This project aims to better understand the health and well-being consequences of moving to a new community. We are especially interested in studying how people rebuild their social network after relocating and whether building a solid social network helps to mitigate any negative health consequences of moving.

You can participate in this study if you:

•             Are between the ages of 19 – 55

•             Have moved to Vancouver within the last 6 weeks OR have lived in Vancouver for 5 years or more

•             If you moved to Vancouver within the last 6 weeks, you moved without your spouse or family and you plan on staying for at least 2 years

•             Do not suffer from any chronic (long term) health conditions

•             Can read, understand, and speak English

•             Do not take any hormone replacement therapies (e.g., birth control pills)

More Details



The Vancouver institute has an exciting program of lectures over the next few months covering topics from contemporary politics to evidence in medicine and global economics.

Program – Fall 2018

Website: http://vancouverinstitute.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVancouverInstitute/



Register for Bike to Work (& School) Week: October 29 to November 4

Here at UBC, you can commute by bike year round. And there’s no better time to start than Bike to Work (& School) Week. Join your cycling colleagues October 29 to November 4 and log your rides at btww.ca for a chance to win bikes, trips and other fantastic prizes.

5 tips for year-round riding:

1.            Plan your route in advance

2.            Dress for the weather

3.            Keep a change of clothes at work

4.            Be visible

5.            Use UBC’s secure bike parking and facilities

For more tips visit planning.ubc.ca/cyclingtips

Register for Bike to Work Week now! You can join a team or start a new team for your department.  Encourage your colleagues to join your team and help you win prizes!

Two FREE Events at The Vancouver Aquarium!


Sea Star Wasting Disease and how it Impacts BC’s Entire Ecosystem | Ocean Matters October Lecture

Tuesday, 23 October @ 7pm (Doors 6.30pm)

Since 2013, millions of sea stars have died along the west coast of North America.

These sea stars started showings bizarre symptoms. They developed skin lesions, which progressed to the sea stars losing their limbs, and finally causing the disintegration of the whole animal. This outbreak confused, and worried scientists, as sea stars are a ‘keystone species’. This means that a large loss in sea star numbers could cause a large change in their ecosystem as a whole.

Scientists are spending a lot of time figuring out what was causing these symptoms and how we can help fight this outbreak. They learnt that a virus is causing this disease, but they are still looking for exactly which virus it is.

In this talk, Dr. Alyssa Gehman will explore the current state of sea star wasting disease in British Columbia. She will discuss how the response to the disease changes along the coast, how the virus affects different sea star species and how this knowledge can help us fight this disease!

Price: Free, but register here to guarantee your seat
Accessibility: This event will be ASL signed and is wheel-chair accessible
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium
Livestreaming?: Yes!! On the Vancouver Aquarium YouTube Channel

For more information see ocean.org/oceanmatters

The Nautical Library: A Night of Ocean Autobiographies

Thursday, 11th October @ 6 – 9pm

Come for an evening of ocean optimism and knowledge exchange at the Vancouver Aquarium. This event will bring together talented and diverse storytellers to form a “library” of ocean knowledge and experience featuring members of the 2018 Ocean Bridge cohort, conservation community leaders and social change makers from across Canada, each with a unique story to tell of their time working towards a thriving ocean and community.

Throughout the evening, you can browse the “bookcovers” to find a person you would like to “borrow” for an enriching conversation about their experiences in environmental conservation or social change in Canada.

With over twenty storytellers and the Vancouver Aquarium as a backdrop, enjoy the boundless knowledge of the Human Library to experience some of what our amazing oceans have to teach us. This is a free event with food and drinks available for purchase.

Price: Free, but register here to guarantee your spot
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium

If you can’t make it, but would like to hear about future Ocean Wise events subscribe to our mailing list!!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Warm Regards,


Ruth Sharpe, PhD
Manager of Public Programs

D 604 659 3497

CFREE Seminar & Fireside Chat this Friday – Valerie Mueller (Arizona State University)


This Friday, CFREE is hosting Professor Valerie Mueller from Arizona State University. Please see details for the seminar below:

Centre for Food, Resource and Environmental Economics (CFREE) Seminar Series

Speaker: Valerie Mueller (Arizona State University)

Topic: Refugees and Environment Degradation in Africa, by Jean-Francois Maystadt, Valerie Mueller (presenter), and Stijn van Weezel.

Date & Time: Friday, 12 October 2018, 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Venue: MCML 350

Afternoon Fireside Chat: Lead by Prof. Mueller from 2:30 – 3:30pm in MCML 350 

All are welcome! 

Best regards,


Shristee Rahman  MFRE
Educational Researcher
Land and Food Systems | Master of Food and Resource Economics
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
348A-2357 Main Mall | Vancouver British Columbia | V6T 1Z4 Canada

Qualitative Research Community of Practice: October 11 at 3pm


If you are using qualitative research methods in your work or are interested in learning more about them, join us at the Qualitative Research Community of Practice! We are a group of students who meet to discuss topics in qualitative research with the goal of furthering group members’ learning.

Meeting time and place: 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, starting at 3:00 pm in Macmillan Building Room 342 (**note the room change).

Next meeting (October 11th at 3:00 pm): Michael Brunt (PhD student in the Animal Welfare Program) will be leading the discussion on the development of his pilot study seeking to understand transparency strategies used by managers of research vivariums at UBC.

If you have any questions or would like to present your research to the group please email Katie at ktmills@mail.ubc.ca

We hope to see you there!   —

Katelyn Mills, B.Sc

PhD Student, Animal Welfare Program

University of British Columbia

(604) 345-2265