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Happy Friday!

We are emailing on behalf of the AMS club, Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO), to inquire as to whether you would be interested in participating as a mentor in the Research EXperience Program (REX).

What is REX?

REX is a six month long program designed to help undergraduate students build essential research skills through a proposed research project (no results required). The skills acquired by the prospective students include:

  •         Formulating research questions or topic
  •         Understanding how to perform literature reviews
  •         Synthesizing and performing a research project
  •         Creating & printing a research poster
  •         Learning how to present a research poster

As a REX mentor you will guide 2-4 undergraduates through a mini proposed research project (no results required) within your field of expertise. Your mentee will present at a local undergraduate conference or publish their project in a local undergraduate journal. URO provides workshops on the basics of research methodology to ease the students’ transition into the program. As a mentor, you will take a supervisory role in the students’ projects, and it is recommended you commit a minimum of 4 hours each month for 6 months (October to March).

For an undergraduate, finding a chance to work/volunteer in a given field of research can be very difficult. REX seeks to help undergraduates experiment with research earlier in their careers and make a more informed decision about graduate school. If this opportunity interests you and you would like to become a mentor, please complete the initial registration form here. (This is NOT the final registration. The final registration and bio submission opens in early August and will confirm your registration in the program for this year.)

Further information

Last year’s REX Mentor Brochure

REX website

If you have any questions, comments or other inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Matthew Chung
REX Committee Co-Chair
UBC Undergraduate Research Opportunities AMS Student Nest, Room 3302H |

LFS Graduate Student Travel Awards


Good afternoon:

I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer so far.

You’ve been keeping me busy with your travel award applications!  It’s wonderful to see so many of our graduate students once again attending conferences and getting a chance to present your research and network with colleagues and peers.

I want to remind you that when you submit your applications, please make sure you include the total costs of the conference.  You need to submit receipts up to $1500 for reimbursement, but the total cost is really important.  Later this summer, I’ll be reviewing the funding levels for next year’s travel award.  If I’m going to propose increasing the award value, then I need data to support that recommendation.  As an example, up until 2015, our LFS GSTA funding levels were 1 award per program, $400 MSc and $600 PhD.  When the award value increased to $1500 in 2015W, up until last year, the average award was approximately $1250.  For 2022W, the average costs to students to attend a conference were approximately $2,028.00. I’d say that’s a substantial increase.   I’ll likely be sending out a Qualtrics survey within the next couple of weeks to get your feedback on funding levels for the LFS Graduate Student Travel Award.  Again, your feedback will be very helpful.

As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Shelley Small
Administrative Manager, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Thesis Defense – Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems – PhD – Tatiana Ginneth Zarate Barrera


UBC – Faculty of Land and Food Systems Announces The Oral Examination for the Degree of

Doctor of Philosophy
(Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems)

Tatiana Ginneth Zarate Barrera

Essay in Environmental and Development Economics”

June 12, 2023 12:00 PM
Exam Location: Zoom.


Chair: Dr. J. Bulkan

Supervisory Committee:
Dr. C. McAusland – Supervisor
Dr. S. Anderson – Co-Supervisor
Dr. F. Noack – Committee member
Dr. T. Rogall – Committee member

Defense Committee Composition
Dr. C. McAusland – Supervisor
Dr. S. Anderson – Co-Supervisor
Dr. T. Rogall – Committee member
Dr. N. Ramankutty – University Examiner
Dr. M. Margulis – University Examiner
Dr. N. Rivers – External Examiner

Congratulations Vincent Fetterley!


Congratulations to Vincent Fetterley – MSc in PLNT – on receiving the 2023 Canadian Society of Agronomy Graduate Student Pest Management Award! As part of the award, Vincent will be invited to give a keynote talk on his work.

GradUpdate – Preparing Excellent Fellowship Applications, Getting Unstuck, The Ins and Outs of Publishing (editor panel), Developing and Sustaining Your Academic Writing Practice, Indigenous Writing Consultant and Facilitator positions, and more.



In this issue, Preparing Excellent Fellowship Applications, Getting Unstuck, The Ins and Outs of Publishing (editor panel), Developing and Sustaining Your Academic Writing Practice, Indigenous Writing Consultant and Facilitator positions, and more.

Registration open

Preparing Excellent Fellowship Applications
Online | Tuesday, Jun 13 | 10 – 11 am


The Practice of Realignment, or, Getting Unstuck
Staying on Track in Grad School Series
Online | Wednesday, Jun 14 | 1 – 2:30 pm


The Editors Perspective – The Ins and Outs of Publishing (panel)
Online | Thursday, Jun 15 | 1 – 2:30 pm


Developing and Sustaining Your Academic Writing Practice
With UBC alum, Prof. Raul Pacheco-Vega (see his blog to learn more about his research and writing advice)
Online | Thursday, Jun 22 | 10 am – 1 pm


Seats available

Staying on Track in Grad School: Waiting for Motivation? Do this Instead!
Online | Wednesday, Jun 7 | 1 – 2:30 pm Register

Overcoming Perfectionism
Online | Thursday, Jun 8 | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Register

Events and Opportunities

A selection of upcoming events are highlighted below.  Visit and for our full events calendar.


Classroom Climate and Equity & Inclusion – Graduate Student Facilitator
Situated in the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives team, facilitate workshops with TAs
$30/hr | ~150 hrs | Jun – Dec, 2023
Apply by June 13.

Indigenous Doctoral Writing Consultant position
$22.67/hr | 10 hrs/week | Sep – Apr
Apply by June 30.


Introduction to Covidence
Online | Wednesday, Jun 7 | 1 – 2 pm Register

Data visualization with ggplot2
Online | Wednesday, Jun 14 | 1 – 2 pm Register

Introduction to Git and GitHub
Online | Thursday, Jun 15 | 12 – 2 pm Register


Accessing the SoTL Research Literature
Part of a series of workshops to prepare applicants of the Teaching As Research (TAR) program to implement an educational research project in their discipline regardless of previous experience.
Online | Monday, Jun 12 | 3 – 4 pm Register.

TAR Application Help Drop-In
Online | Friday, Jun 16 | 2 – 4 pm Register.
The TAR Awards are open to graduate students & postdocs, with graduate students needing to be in their second year of study. The award is $3000. Learn more and apply by June 20

Introduction to OSF
Online | Wednesday, June 14 | 11 am – 12 pm
Part of the Program for Open Scholarship and Education (POSE) Register.
Browse all POSE events.

Please also note that The UBC Knowledge Exchange Unit and UBC Community Engagement are co-hosting UBC’s inaugural Partnering in Research Conference on June 15, 2023! They have just opened up 20 additional seats for graduate students.  This event will bring together 200 faculty, staff, students and community partners from across BC to explore the ethical, cultural and political challenges of partnered research, discuss how we can collaborate meaningfully, and develop strategies for driving real change.


Thank you,