Call for Papers

Call For Proposals – 2019 LLED Graduate Student Conference

Where do words go? What do words do?

In a global age of paywalls, debates on the freedom of speech, and politically-driven divisions, the trajectories of our words and their impacts require urgent, critical interrogation.

We might ask: Where does our research knowledge end up and what does it do once it gets ‘there’? How are words used to represent people in texts? What is a “word” in light of other forms of semiosis (multimodality)? How do ideologies manifest in policies and how are they taken up or resisted? What kinds of words make it into our classrooms and what are the consequences for students? What are the limitations of language? What are the institutional impacts of words? How can words energize research methods? How are the ways that we work with words different in digitally mediated environments?

The Department of Language and Literacy Education, at the University of British Columbia, invites conference attendees to take up these questions in the context of Language and Literacy Research across five thematic areas.

  1. Identities, Cultures, People, Relations
  2. Advancing Methods of Inquiry
  3. Diskuss: Electronic Literature
  4. Language in a Multilingual World
  5. Institutions and Classrooms

We are seeking proposals for individual (paper) presentations and performance presentations to be presented at the Biannual LLED Graduate Student conference, on May 2-3, 2019 at the University of British Columbia. Please note this conference utilizes a unique format to maximize connections and discussions for attendees. All presentations occur in a large open forum setting, with each presentation being no more than eight minutes in length and utilizing only one content slide.

The deadline for submissions is March 4th 2019. Submit your application here. We encourage you to participate in our workshop on writing effective abstracts on February 11th before submitting.

This conference is being held in collaboration with the University of British Columbia’s Digital Literacy Centre.  Attendees will also be encouraged to participate in DISKUSS workshops, plenary discussions on ‘The Stakes of Representation’ and ‘The Stakes of Dissemination’ and an exclusive screening of Paywall: The Business of Scholarship, with an introduction by director Jason Schmitt!