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Workshop: Conference Presentations

Nervous about presenting your research in front of an audience? Scarred by experiences of “death by bullet point”? Learn from the experiences of three LLED faculty members and seasoned conference participants!

Doing excellent research and being an excellent presenter require very different skill sets. Join us for this interactive panel discussion in which Dr. Anthony Paré, Dr. George Belliveau and Dr. Victoria Surtees will share their experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly of academic presentations!

13:00-14:30 | 15th April 2019 | MPR 2012 (PCOH)

Workshop: Writing Compelling Abstracts

Thinking of applying to the 2019 LLED Grad Student Conference?

Take the pain out of writing your abstract and pick up some career skills along the way by joining us for this LLED Apprenticeship Workshop!

Getting accepted to present at a conference is entirely dependent on the strength of your abstract. Condensing your work into just a few hundred words is not easy but the real challenge is making those words compelling. Luckily, there are a number of rhetorical tricks we can use to draw reviewers in and show them the importance of our work.

In this LLED Apprenticeship Workshop, Professor Anthony Paré will share the secrets to creating an irresistible abstract. During the session, you will also have an opportunity to:

  • Write an abstract tailored to an upcoming conference (or journal!) of your choice;
  • Receive peer feedback on your first draft;
  • Edit your abstract, ready for submission.

10:30-12:00 | 11th February | MPR 2012 (PCOH)