Organising Committee

The 2019 LLED Graduate Student Conference (LGSC2019) is jointly organised by the department’s Digital Literacy Centre and the Graduate Peer Advisor team.

The DLC Team (l-r: Amber Moore, Dr. Kedrick James, Yuya Takeda and Rachel Horst)

DLC Team: Situated in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, the Digital Literacy Centre facilitates and promotes research and teaching in language, literacy, and literary education that is focused on or makes use of digital media. The DLC promotes dialogue, innovation in approaches to research and teaching, research collaborations, dissemination of information, and offers consultation, providing training and instructional support in an area broadly construed as digital literacies and learning. We host conferences, talks by local and visiting scholars, interactive workshops and other activities. Many of our faculty have affiliated research projects funded by SSHRC, TLEF, Hampton Funds and other funding agencies.


LLED GPA Team (l-r: Ashley Moore, Kaye Hare, Liza Navarro)

LLED GPA Team: The LLED Graduate Peer Advisors are a team of graduate students who facilitate the social and academic life of their fellow students in the Department of Language and Literacy Education- including planning the biannual LLED Graduate Student Conference! The 2018-2019 team is made up of Ashley Moore (2nd year PhD student), Liza Navarro (3rd year PhD student) and Kaye Hare (4th year PhD student).