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Ethics in Pharmaceuticals

One of the most popular debates in ethics in the business community today are those demonstrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Just recently one big named company of the many, admitted to lying about the safety of its drug.

Time and time again we face reports of corrupt studies, bribed physicians, false results and an array of disturbing offenses that not only put our health at risk, but forces us to face the issue of ethics. This is a different typ of ethics than the common articles that we face such as employee wages and working conditions but I feel it is just as prominent.

The pharmaceutical industry has become one of corruption and greed. With the only regulator, the FDA, failing to keep these violations under control, the public needs to face this ethical dilemma to find a solution to protect the health of the public.

From a brand standpoint, the pharmaceutical industry does not have an ethical image, but companies that will take on ethics as a part of their set of values within their company can promote ethics within an industry which as of yet, seems to have none.

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