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And We Are Back!

Another term has started! This is the first week of classes, and so far things are in line, stress levels are low and Mech students are rested and happy. A common topic these days is: which technical electives should we take as part of 4th year? Mech offers a wide range of technical electives that you can choose from based on your interests. Some examples include: Thermofluids, Biomedical, Mechatronics, Acoustics, Fuel cells, Aerodynamics, etc. You can find more about this in the Mechanical Engineering website. Personally, I like topics related to robotics, manufacturing, solid mechanics and thanks to a great professor I had last term, I think I also like thermodynamics. I have decided to take:

  • Mech 491 – Computer-Aided Manufacturing: this course got my attention the very first time I was looking at all the courses in Mech. It aims to teach the theory and applicability of numerical computer programming together with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided manufacturing) systems. The labs seem okay so far, but from what I have hear from previous students is that the projects take a lot of your time. So more on that later on.
  • Mech 495 – Industrial Engineering: Aims to teach you how engineering connects to other fields in the industry, such as management, maintenance, quality control, coding and classification, manufacturing systems, etc. If you ask me, it seems pretty interesting.

I mention the topic of electives because I noticed a lot of my friends have been attending different courses during the first week of classes to determine what subjects they like the most. Their decision making is based on: topics covered, lecture schedule (many students don’t really like 8 am classes) and the prof who is teaching the course. This is something you can do as well once you get to 4th year. This way, you will really choose something you like in every aspect.

I think this term has been interesting. I hope it is full of fun!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding my life in Mech. Hope you have a good week.


Diana N.