March 2010

Beyond SMET – the Impact of Technology

Canadian flag

In a few weeks I will need to take a Canadian Citizenship Test. It is very exciting and I have been waiting for this for a long time. However here, I would like to make a comment about how technology changed how I am preparing for it. The Canadian government sent us a few booklets about the test which included lots of facts about Canada we had to memorize. The booklets look beautiful and in my view are well prepared. Of course in terms of learning, the booklets provide you with the facts only – which is understandable provided who they are aimed at. Yet, the test prep now became so much easier with the advent of technology. You can just go online and practice the test for free: In addition, you can use Wikipedia to find answer to all the questions you didn’t do right. So technology allows you to go beyond the facts (if you want it of course). I also noticed a few interesting things. The web site I used to practice the test isn’t perfect. Some questions had incorrect answers marked to be the correct ones, or even had typos. So even if you have the resource, you still cannot trust is 100% but it is a great tool to help you study.

2 Responses to Beyond SMET – the Impact of Technology

  1. Kathleen

    I hope your citizenship test went well!! Kathleen

  2. Marina Milner-Bolotin

    We will see in 2 month. I hope it did. Was an interesting process and very well organized. At the very end I had to speak to a Citizenship – Immigration agent. During our conversation (she was supposed to check on my English), she got a message from her daughter. She told me her daughter did very well in calculus (on the test) and she is going to UBC Science. It was exciting, especially considering the lady told me, as a First Nation student her daughter will get a special scholarship. This was cool – I hope this girl succeeds.
    Regards, M.

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