December 2011

3T: Toastmasters, Technology and Teaching

As the term is coming to an end, I have some time to reflect on different things that I have been thinking about recently. One of them is the use of electronic response systems (clickers) in elementary classrooms. I have been teaching a science methods course this term and I used clickers and I kept thinking about the key teaching ideas related to this technology. The major idea I think is being able to ask powerful questions. Clickers are just tools and without having powerful questions they will remain – just tools – nothing more. As I have been thinking about it, I had to prepare a speech for my Toastmasters Club. I decided to use the topic of technology and the use of clickers in elementary and secondary classroom. The speech I prepared for the Toastmasters is a version of a seminar that I am planning to give to teachers. I do not think the speech is perfect – we videotaped it, so I can learn from it and improve it. However, I think there are some good points in the speech and it might be useful to others. I also think attending Toastmasters International meetings was a very powerful experience for me. I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues, improve my public speaking skills and met amazing people. I would strongly recommend Toastmasters for anybody, especially for teachers.

This is Part 1 of the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2: YouTube Preview Image

Part 3:YouTube Preview Image

1 Response to 3T: Toastmasters, Technology and Teaching

  1. Ashan Dezoysa

    Great videos! I do learned something from these. I am also a Toastmaster member for a while now. And it greatly helped me gain confidence in public speaking. I, too, recommend everyone to join this program as there’s a lot to potentially gain.

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