May 2014

Killam Teaching Award


While this might be considered immodest to write about oneself, but it is my blog and I can share my feelings about receiving this very special for me award. Anybody who cares about his or her teaching knows  that we all have our ups and downs. When you strive for excellence, you often feel dissatisfied or disappointed with yourself. You often question yourself and wonder if you could have done better. UBC Killam Teaching Prizes are awards given to the faculty members who make a difference in their students’ lives.  I am very grateful I received this award. I have had so many amazing teachers (including my mother) in my life, that I know how much they mean. This is what I try to bring to my teacher-candidates – the realization how huge a role teachers’ play in our lives.  I am grateful to the students who nominated me and who took my classes, supported me and were there when I needed them.  For example, this is a web site created by one of the students who took my ETEC 533 graduate level course that focused on teaching math and science through technology. Lisa Nevoral was part of UBC MET Program – Masters in Educational Technology – online program

I hope that students know how much their positive feedback means to their teachers.

I would like to finish this post not talking about myself, but talking about another teacher. Mr. John Procyk is a science teacher at Point Grey Mini School in Vancouver.  I have known John for awhile as he was my son’s teacher, a mentor to my student-teachers and a colleague. Recently I was browsing RATE MY TEACHERS WEBSITE and decided to look at the feedback about him. I know he is a fantastic teacher, but I could have never expected to find the following there:

John was my teacher at Quilchena Elementary in 6th and 7th grade (1976 and 1977). I still remember vividly my math and science classes with him and how empowering and inspiring he was then. I see from the other reviews that he still is. He is truly a gift to the students that have the opportunity to work with him. Here I am 35 years later and a much better person for it. Thank you John for those great years. Marcus Springer

This feedback is worth many awards – it is invaluable. I hope this inspires you to think of great teachers you have had or your children have and remember to acknowledge them. And if you remember an amazing teacher from many years back, maybe you can drop a line or two to them or even add your feedback on Rate My Professor/Teachers web site.

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  1. Ido

    Congratulations for a well-deserved award. כה לחי!

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