December 2018

Happy New Year!

As 2018 is coming to a close, I kept thinking what made it interesting and exciting for me. While family for me always comes first, my work comes a very close second… Making a very rough estimate, I have spent at least 2200 hours working last year… This is a huge amount of time and it is about a quarter of the hours we have in a year. Considering that I am a person who loves to sleep (I can easily sleep 10 hours a day if I am allowed…, so maybe I was a koala in my previous life), this is a huge chunk of time. So loving what I do at work is hugely important for me. And luckily this was a very exciting year for me. I would like to list a few of the most exciting work-related events and activities that made 2018 a very special year for me:

  1. Supporting graduate students who have graduated this year: one Ph.D, one M.A. and 3 M.Ed. students. I wish all of them continuing success.
  2. Supporting my science and physics Teacher-Candidates most of whom have found STEM teaching positions and many of whom have received teaching awards in our Faculty. Huge congratulations to them.
  3. Organizing a very successful STEM outreach event in the Faculty of Education in November, 2018 Family Math and Science Day 2018 . More than 100 volunteers helped us to make it all happen.
  4. Attending a very successful STEM 2018 conference in Brisbane Australia in November 2018 and getting ready to organize the 2020 STEM conference at UBC.
  5. Publishing my paper in October of 2018 in Frontiers in Education: STEM education journal – I have been its Associate Editor and I am happy to see journal’s growth.
  6. Continuing a tradition – organization of a 40th UBC Physics Olympics with more than 70 participating teams from all over BC in March 0f 2018.
  7. Collaborating with my very inspirations colleagues – Professors Dragana Martinovic and Yifat Ben David Kolikant to organize of a very successful conference on teacher education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in February 2018 – Teachers and Teaching in the Era of Change.
  8. Publishing of two papers in the summer of 2018 in a peer-reviewed international journal LUMAT journal with my graduate student: and .
  9. The publication of a special Physics in Canada Outreach issue (Volume 73) in February of 2018 that I co-edited with my colleague Dr. Sarah Johnson.
  10. The publication of the second edition of our introductory Physics textbook:
  11. Helping to launch our first fully online M.Ed. in science education program.
  12. Receiving a TLEF grant with my husband Valery Milner to produce slow motion physics videos that we will be using in teaching introductory physics and working with future teachers.
  13. Publishing a paper in The Physics Teacher on using Collaborative Learning Annotation System in teacher education.
  14. Publishing new videos on our database of educational videos:
  15. Continuing to learn foreign languages – German and Spanish – I see it as a big part of who I am. I want to keep learning about science, science teaching and teaching and learning in General. Learning foreign languages helps me becoming a better science teacher as it helps me to remember what it means not to know.

So this was an exciting year and I enjoyed learning new things with my students and collaborators. I wish them all a very successful new year. And enjoy this wonderful physics video by one of the people who inspires me.

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