February 2020

STEM Teachers and Teaching in the Digital Era

I am very excited to see our edited book coming out this fall!  Two years ago we organized a collaborative workshop at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. We came together to discuss the changing field of STEM education and how digital technologies shape and affect it. This workshop was supported by a grant by the Halbert Center for Canadian Studies . We were so lucky to get this support and having funds and space for the organization of this collaborative workshop and being able to invite scholars who can contribute was crucial. Dr. Dragana Martinovic from the University of Windsor and Dr. Yifat Kolikant Ben-David from the Hebrew University collaborated with me. This was a great opportunity to explore together the topics that we all care about and to learn from each other. It was a very successful workshop. After the workshop, we realized that we had many interesting presentations and ideas and it would be great to share them through publishing an edited book. So … We have been working on it for the last two years. And now, the fruit of our collaboration is here – we have a new book on STEM teacher education that challenges us to think and re-think our role as STEM educators, STEM teacher-educators or educators in general in this rapidly changing world. While we focussed on Israel and Canada, I think the issues we raised would be relevant to many.

We are very grateful to everybody who contributed and to the very supportive staff at Springer who patiently and professionally helped us along the way. Congratulations to us all.

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