June 2021

STEM in Education 2021 Conference: The Countdown begins

For the last two+ years, my colleagues and I have been working hard to organize an international STEM in Education Conference. It is the second time we are organizing it and Prof. David Anderson and I are co-chairs this time around. When we started our preparation in 2018, we had no idea that the conference would move from the face-to-face conference planned for 2020 to the virtual conference in 2021. So now we are only twelve days away from our virtual conference. We are very excited about it.

While the entire process of  conference organization was very challenging, there were also some unexpected rewards. We will have participants from more than 20 countries around the globe. We wouldn’t have had it if we had a face-to-face event. We also have experienced a lot of new technologies in the last year and many of us want to share these experiences with each other. We were able to invite amazing keynote speakers! Most importantly, all the presentations will be recorded, so even if we are not able to attend a session, we will be able to watch it afterwards.

Finally, we have a number of sponsors who were able to support us. We are so grateful to them: . As a result, we were able to invite students from different countries and offer them to participate in the conference with a highly reduced fee. We reached out to our colleagues from all six continents and invited them and many of them decided to participate. I am very grateful to them.

I am very excited about the conference and I hope we will have a very inspirational truly international event.

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