August 2023

New Academic Year: Old challenges and new possibilities

As I am getting ready to start a new academic year, I keep thinking about what I will carry on from the past and what I will try to do differently this year. I also keep thinking about what I learned this year and what I should change in my own teaching. In addition, I have been teaching a special summer course for graduate students from Hangzhou Normal University and this experience provided me with some new ideas as well.

I have been teaching at UBC Faculty of Education for more than a decade now. I have taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and have developed many of them “from scratch”. At the same time, I have seen my students grow into experienced science and mathematics teachers who inspire their students both in British Columbia and around the world. So what can I do to make them succeed and support them beyond their studies at UBC?

So the biggest thing I will try to work on this year is to inspire my students to incorporate educational technologies (e.g., AI, STEM apps, etc.) in their teaching that students have already access to – the applications that students can easily install on their smartphones. In the last few years, I have collaborated on a number of projects where we explored the potential of smartphones in STEM education. I think I am ready to help my students – future teachers to unleash this potential. I hope, after finishing my courses, my students will be able to incorporate smartphones in a new way in their own teaching. I hope that as a result, our future STEM teachers will be able to create more engaging and meaningful lessons for their students. I also hope that I will be able to learn a lot from my students. I am very excited about it and I am looking forward to a new academic year!

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