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Complementing the Master of Rehabilitation Science program website which you can access at http://www.mrsc.ubc.ca, this blog provides an opportunity for learners, instructors, and graduates to interact with one another as well as others who are interested in the programs and rehabilitation science.

Here you will find news and updates about the program and those involved with it, discussions regarding recent or upcoming events, and scheduled discussions regarding our graduates’ research (coming later in 2010). We encourage you to participate in these discussions and offer suggestions for others you would like to see posted.

Detailed information regarding the master’s program or the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation is on the program website such as the program and course descriptions, instructor biographies, admissions criteria, tuitions costs and possible funding supports. If you are interested in the program, we encourage you to review this information first, and then return here if you would like to discuss anything. You can also email info@mrsc.ubc.ca if you have questions.

Looking forward to everyone’s involvement.

– Mary Clark (special projects coordinator for the program which means I get to do lots of fun things like monitoring this blog!)

p.s. The Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc blog) is maintained by the UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs with support from the UBC Office of Learning Technology (OLT). Many thanks to Scott McMillan and Novak Rogic at OLT for their savvy advice and support, as well as our web designer and programmer Chris Campbell.

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