TV Regular and MRSc learner Jodi Boucher Promotes New Class on Body After Baby

Jodi is becoming a regular on Calgary Breakfast Television!

Last Friday she was interviewed about her new “Your Body after Baby Physiotherapy Class”.  Jodi told UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs Director Sue Stanton that she did all the groundwork (needs assessment and curriculum development) for RHSC 509 – Facilitating Learning in Rehabilitation Contexts. This is one of the core courses in the Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) program.

View the segment on Breakfast TV Calgary’s website.

Read more on Health Reporter Leah Sarich’s blog. The piece was in relation to the Oscars and whether Hollywood celebrities can really bounce back that quickly from having a baby.

Great job Jodi! Perhaps you’ll have some Hollywood Stars coming your way soon.

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