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Bringing Solutions to the Workplace

On January 31 Sue Stanton and myself participated in the UBC elearning Open House which is held each year and a great opportunity for those involved in eLearning to showcase their work. Our poster: Bringing Solutions to the Workplace presented the analysis of the 18 research projects completed as of November 30, 2009 which begins to support our claim that the research conducted by our learners develops processes for transferring new knowledge to practice and/or enhances rehabilitation practice. It’s part of the program evaluation research being conducted in 2010, the program’s 5th Anniversary. A copy of the poster can be downloaded as a PDF elearningOpenHouse2010_BringingSolutions.

Tony Bates dropped by to see Sue. He had helped her to develop the program. See what he has to say about our progress in the past 5 years on his great blog which we can only aspire to.