How to post on this site

Screen cast videos

… on how to post things to this blog site, including your discussion summary and Philosophy in the World assignment.

You can see all of the videos below in a playlist, here.

Note that the PHIL 102 site looks different in these videos than it currently does. The same functions are all still there in approximately the same places so it should still be clear what to do.

This one is about how to sign up as an author for the site.

If you want to see it on YouTube, go here.

Note that you need a class password to sign up as an author. Since this is a public site I’m not putting the password here. Instead, you can see it under “announcements” on our Canvas site (which is only available to people registered in the course). Log in there with your CWL to see the announcements.


This video shows you how to write posts on the site

If you want to see it on YouTube, go here.


This video is about how to make your posts private, password-protected, or posted with a pseudonym

If you want to see it on YouTube, go here.

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