Happy New Year and welcome to Psyc 325: The Psychology of Self in Social Media!

This website functions as a living course syllabus, and will be continually updated throughout the term. Before class on Tuesday, start on the Essentials page and work your way through the site to learn about the course. Post a comment below if you have questions or concerns (or email me if they’re private). We’ll soon have other ways to communicate too.

Class begins on Tuesday January 5 at 11am. We will spend the full class period in dialogue. Please come prepared. Consult the Schedule for some guiding thoughts and readings. If you are unable to make it to this first class (or any class), you are responsible for catching up as soon as possible.

You’ll notice that the Schedule does not include a complete reading list. That’s because we’ll be building the bulk of it after our first assignment (due Jan 19), once you have provided your feedback on which articles you think are worthwhile for the class to read. Have some in mind already? Add them to this GoogleDoc list.

Although I hope you’re up for this exploration of The Psychology of Self in Social Media, this course design (like any course design) will not appeal to everyone. If you’re certain you’ll be dropping this course, please do so soon. There are some people hoping to join us.

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