The Chung Collection Exhibition will be closed to the public from August 24-26 and August 29. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Regarding history, Wallace Chung believes it is important to forgive, but not forget. His collection of rare items based on the Chinese experience in North America helps to keep memories of Chinese history alive, illustrating moments of historical happiness without neglecting to represent the struggles. Divided into three major themes of discovery, immigration and settlement, and the Canadian Pacific Railway, the room explores moments in history such as the Chinese Head Tax and the Fraser River gold rush. The room is filled with a variety of objects including posters, pamphlets, legal documents, and silverware.

A large model of the Empress of Asia sits at the heart of the room, representing one of the ships that brought Chinese immigrants from Asia to North America. In 1919, Dr. Chung’s own mother was one of those immigrants.

Image credit: Empress of Asia, UBC Library

Image credit: Empress of Asia, UBC Library

Collecting these artifacts, Dr. Chung explained, was not as difficult as some people seem to think. Some of the items, including more precious objects such as silverware, actually came to him because they had been discarded, for their historical value had not yet been known. To read more about the items from the collection on exhibition, go to the Chung collection website.

After years of accumulating items, Dr. Chung’s simple hobby of grew into a collection over 25,000 objects. Now, people of all ages are welcome to view them in the Chung Room. The exhibition, located in Rare Books and Special Collections, in the Irving K Barber Learning Centre, is open to the public and free of charge during Rare Books and Special Collections opening hours (Monday through Friday 9-5 year round, Saturday 12 – 5 during the fall and winter semesters). Appointments are not necessary to visit. Please feel free to drop-in and explore the collection at your leisure. For information on group tours and directions to the exhibition please go here.

Thank-you to our guest writer, Eleanor Munk, a student working for the summer in Rare Books and Special Collections, for writing this week’s blog entry!

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The Chung Collection Exhibition will be closed to the public on August 22, 26 and 29. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The good news is that the closure is for the completion of a special project- stay tuned in the coming months!

Summer is, believe it or not, coming to a close in 6 short weeks. Have you been to the beach yet?

For many in B.C., a trip to Tofino is synonymous with a trip to the beach. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is the home of the world-famous Pacific Rim National Park and beautiful Long Beach. Major industries have traditionally included fishing and forestry, and in recent decades of course tourism, as visitors flock to the resorts and beaches in all seasons.

The photographs below are from the Chung Collection, held in Rare Books and Special Collections. The Chung Collection holds  8,000 historic photographs, many showing various locales in British Columbia. These photographs are both from an album of photographic negatives, taken during the 1930’s by an unknown photographer. While we do not know anything about the photographer or the origin of the photographs, it is a rich source of historic photographs. This album alone contains more than 1,400 photographs!  They can all be found in the Chung Collection by searching for the identifier CC-PH-09370.

Sea gull, Tofino - CC-PH-09370-31-030

Sea gull, Tofino - CC-PH-09370-31-030

Vicinity of Tofino, CC-PH-09370-34-041

Vicinity of Tofino, CC-PH-09370-34-041

In the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, the Tofino Meeting Room is number 156.

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