How to use this site & about the author

How to use this site
IMG_5924This site is designed to provide specific information about how impacts to watersheds can be minimized at each phase of a residential construction project.

There is currently a lack of information available to contractors and homeowners regarding the steps that they can take to minimize the impact that residential contraction can have on watersheds.  This website compiles the available data and provides easy to follow strategies for each phase of a construction project in order to mitigate watershed damage.


For the purpose of this website, project phases have been defined as:

  • Mobilization, Demolition & Site Clearing
  • Excavation
  • Foundation, Backfill & Concrete work
  • Framing & Services
  • Interior Works
  • Landscaping

Each phase has been assigned a page explaining the general process involved, as well as a page outlining potential impacts and more importantly, potential mitigation strategies.


Unless otherwise cited, all photos were taken by the website author.

About the Author

This project was created and completed by Erika Nassichuk for the major project component for the professional Master of Land and Water Systems (MLWS) program at the University of British Columbia.  Erika previously completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biology in 2008 at UBC and went on to complete a certificate in Leadership with the School of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2012.  Erika began her career in Environmental Consulting in 2008 prior to being hired by a local government on the North Shore to work in a busy and challenging Environment Department.

Erika currently lives in North Vancouver with her husband, their two children and an assortment of pets.  Erika plans to further her career in local government with a renewed focus on watershed impacts.

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