Framing & Services Mitigation

Gravel access

Gravel access pad

There is a lack of information regarding the environmental impact of the products used to frame and service a new home.  However, there do not appear to be many negative implications on watercourses associated with servicing and framing a home other than abiding by basic recycling and disposal rules and requirements.  During this phase, the risk of products entering the storm water system is low.  Mitigation during this phase involves maintaining good sediment and erosion control practices and ensuring that recyclable materials are disposed of correctly.

  • Information about recycling on the North Shore can be found at North Shore Recycling and Wastech
  • Sediment and Erosion control measures must be kept in good working condition for the duration of the project
  • Ensure that all catch basin protection and tree protection fencing measures are in good working order
  • Maintain a clean access pad for all trades to use in order to reduce the amount of dirt tracked out onto the road and into the storm water system

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