Questionnaire Results

The 8 question questionnaire were handed out in person to contractors at the two main contractor supply stores in North Vancouver which are Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies Ltd., located at 160 Hanes Ave and Standard Building Supplies Ltd., located at 22 Bewicke Ave.  Questionnaires were handed out to contractors who stated that they conduct business on the North Shore.  Both of these stores were encouraging of the questionnaire and staff very accommodating while the questionnaire was being administered.

42 surveys were completed and returned.  The number of contractors who declined doing the survey was not noted, however, this number should have been recorded and was approximately 25% of those asked.

1. 74% of respondents felt that the North Shore environment was in some trouble but can be improved with a little effort.  None of the respondents felt that the North Shore Environment was in such bad shape that little can be done to save it.

Question #1 Results

2. The phase that was identified as the most damaging to the local environment was the mobilization, demolition and site clearing phase, at 41%, followed by the excavation phase at 29% and the foundation, backfill and concrete phase at 14%.

Question #2 Results

3. The top three replies to this question were the ocean, local watercourse and water treatment facility.  24% of respondents answered that the storm system drains to a water treatment facility, while 12% of respondents answered that they did not know where the storm system drains.

Question #3 Results

4. 64% of respondents answered that yes, they were award of bylaws pertaining to environmental protection while 36% answered that no, they were not aware of any bylaws pertaining to environmental protection.

Question #4 Results

5. The top three answers to this question were: research online, use information provided by the municipality at the time of permit pick up and call the municipality directly.

Question #5 Results

6. None of the respondents answered that 0% should be invested in environmental protection.  52% felt that 0-5% should be invested, 36% felt that 5-10% should be invested and 12% felt that greater than 10% of the total cost of each project should be invested in environmental protection.

Question #6 Results

7. There were many, varied answers given to this question.  Many statements revolved around recycling and reusing material onsite, as well as ensuring the proper disposal of materials.  Others spoke to ensuring continuing education of staff and focusing on hiring people who are knowledgeable about their trade.

Question #7 Results

8. 33% of respondents have been in the industry for less than 10 years, 48% for between 10-25 years and 19% have been in the industry for greater than 25 years.

Question #8 Results

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