Links to recent articles of interest from Historians Against the War

This is the fourth biweekly mailing of links to articles that provide historical background on HAW-relevant topics. Suggestions for inclusion are welcome: they can be sent to Members of the working group for this project are listed below.

Matt Bokovoy,
Carolyn (Rusti) Eisenberg
Jim O’Brien
Maia Ramnath
Sarah Shields

“What the U.S. Military Can’t Do”
By Nick Turse,, posted October 22
(historically based article on Afghanistan focusing on US military’s inability to “seal the deal” in previous wars)

“Lessons from the Long War and a Blowback World”
By Tom Engelhardt,, posted October 18

“Fighting the Taliban: What, Exactly, is Being Fought in Afghanistan?”
By M. Reza Pirbhal,, posted October 14
(long article on US involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan by a Louisiana State U. historian)

“Left and Right Against War”
By Murray Polner, History News Network, posted October 12

“Afghanistan – The Proxy War”
By Andrew Bacevich, Boston Globe, posted October 11

“Apocalypse Then, Afghanistan Now”
By William Astore,, posted October 11

“Obama’s Prize, Wilson’s Legacy”
By John Milton Cooper, History News Network (, Posted October 11

“War and Peace Prizes”
By Howard Zinn, The Guardian, posted October 9

“Unintended Consequences in Nuclear Pakistan”
By Fred Branfman,, posted October 9

“Honduran Coup Regime in Crisis”
By Greg Grandin,, posted October 9

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