Rouge Forum Update: Testing season request

Dear Friends,

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Now, a note from Steering Committee Member Doug Selwyn, author of the recently released Following the Threads, Bringing Inquiry Research into the Classroom, (Peter Lang Publishing):

Hello Rougers,

We are approaching testing season here in the North Country, and I assume all around the country, when we engage in our annual ritual of abuse.

Many of us have taken some actions, had many conversations, written letters, essays, signed petitions, attended conferences, and while we may have helped some others become more aware the tests still continue.

The voices least often heard in these conversations are the voices of the students themselves, those who are forced to take the tests, year after year. I wonder if it would have an impact if we could collect stories from children related to testing. They could be straight ahead stories of how bad it really is, but could also be stories of the absurd, of
resistance, the ridiculous. Or stories of the lessons students are learning. Whatever students might be willing to share related to testing.

I am asking rougers and others to send stories to me ( and I‚ll pull them together in some form or another (and I‚m open to ideas of how best to do this). To be clear, I’m not asking for stories from adults about testing experiences, but am most interested in hearing from the students themselves.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Doug Selwyn