Rouge Forum News #17

The new issue of the Rouge Forum News is dedicated to a few of the papers from the Rouge Forum 2010 conference, held in Williams Bay, WI this past August.

Rouge Forum News #17 includes:

Marxist thought: Still primus inter pares for understanding and opposing the capitalist system
Richard Brosio

Education versus schooling as a commodity fetish
Rich Gibson

Use of multicultural children’ book and narratives in teacher preparation
Blanca Caldas Chumbes

Plotting inequality, building resistance
Adam Renner

Toward a dialectical materialist approach in education
Faith Agostinone-Wilson (with Gina Stiens and Adam Renner)

Thanks to RF News Editor Adam Renner for putting together another great issue.

Check out the new issue of the Rouge Forum News #17 here [pdf].

Read past issues of the RF News here.

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