Articles recommended by Historians Against the War: US war machine; Libya; Gaza; US War Powers Act

“Why the War Machine Keeps on Running”
By Franklin C. Spinney,, posted July 5

“Warring Ambitions”
By Joyce Appleby, Los Angeles Times, posted July 3
On the Founding Fathers and the power to declare war; the author is a professor of history emerita at UCLA

“Waiting for Godot on the Gaza Flotilla”
By Mark LeVine, Op-Ed News, posted July 1
The author teaches history at the University of California, Irvine

“King George III Won: Happy Fourth of July”
By David Swanson, War Is a, posted June 30

“The Militarized Surrealism of Barack Obama: Signs of the Great American Unraveling”
By Tom Engelhardt,, posted June 30

“Isolationism: Behind the Myth, a Usable Past”
By Michael H. Hunt, History News Network, posted June 29
The author is a professor of history emeritus at the University of North Carolina

“On the Mend? America Comes to Its Senses”
By Andrew J. Bacevich,, posted June 28
The author teaches history and international relations at Boston University

“Sacred Mantras”
By Uri Avnery,, posted June 28

“The Undoing of Libya”
By Vijay Prashad,, posted June 27
The author teaches history at Trinity College

“Finally, the Age of Western Intervention Is Over”
By John Kampfner, The Independent, posted June 27

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