The big lie that “progressives” tell themselves about Obama

This issue is been bugging me since the US presidential campaign heated up, oh two years ago. Why is it that so-called “left-liberals” (including venerable liberal publcations like The Nation) think that Obama and his policies are progressive? Is it that the notion of progressivism has lost all meaning; has become detached from progressive liberalism […]

Social studies education researchers call for Iraq exit

The resolution below was passed by the College and University Faculty Assembly of National Council for the Social Studies at the annual conference in Washington, DC, November 30 2006. This resoultions draws on numerous sources, including official position statements of the National Council for the Social Studies and the Historians Against the War resolution to […]

A multicultural xmas

Today’s Vancouver Sun published an article by religion and ethics writer Douglas Todd on the “multicultural Christmas” celebrations at Sir Richard McBride Elementary and how students there “balance” their own ethnicity with diverse (sometimes new) cultural traditions. McBride, on Vancouver’s eastside, is my son’s school and his good buddy Codie Schultheis has some insightful comments […]