Facilitator Development Workshop

In May 2010, I became a certified trainer for the Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW). The FDW is a five-day training workshop that trains individuals to facilitate the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). In the FDW, participants refine their teaching techniques through teaching three mini-lessons and also receive guided practice and feedback in order to develop strategies for facilitating an ISW.  Participants have the opportunity to develop new knowledge and techniques for facilitating group development, to explore teaching methods and formative evaluation techniques, and to receive feedback on their own teaching and facilitation skills. The FDW provides an opportunity for individuals to concentrate on their own professional development in a challenging and supportive environment.

In Canada, the FDW is offered at various institutions on an as-need basis. In BC, there is a provincial FDW that is offered annually every May or June. In May 2010, I participated in the Provincial FDW as a trainer-trainee and in August 2010 I was a trainer for an FDW offered through the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.