Vancouver Community College Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP)

As a Faculty member in the School of Instructor Education at Vancouver Community College, I teach courses in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program, a diploma program offered through the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education that provides adult educators with “the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop, manage and evaluate the instruction of adults in post-secondary education, business, industry and non-traditional adult learning environment.”

Within the PIDP, my area of specialization is Curriculum Development and I currently teach PIDP 3210: Curriculum Development. I also teach PIDP 3220: Delivery of Instruction.

As a Faculty member my primary responsibilities involve: designing lesson plans to meet the course learning outcomes; teaching courses in various settings and to varying numbers of students; assessing and evaluating student performance including providing guidance and feedback to help students expand their practice; and re-designing lesson plans based on student feedback.

To view my most recent course evaluations, please click on: PIDP 3220 Course Student Evaluations February 2015 and PIDP 3210 Course Student Evaluations May 2014