Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) Board

I currently serve as the Chair, Student Advocacy on the board of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). In this role, I am responsible for representing the voices of students enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institutions. As a member of the STLHE Board, I bring forward the ideas and concerns of students regarding their learning experiences in higher education. I also work with the STLHE Board to ensure that students comprise an active constituency within the pursuits and decisions of STLHE.

Since taking on the role of Chair, Student Advocacy in November 2013, I have spent time engaging in current society activities and groups that pertain to undergraduate and graduate students. I have endeavoured to build relationships with other individuals who support student initiatives within the society, as well as to continue to envision future possibilities for student engagement in the society. Some of the activities that I am involved in, through my role include:

  • Serving on the STLHE 3M National Student Fellowship Coordination Committee
  • Contacting all past STLHE 3M National Student Fellows to introduce myself and my role
  • Serving on the Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Advancement (TAGSA) Executive
    • Providing monthly updates from STLHE Board Meetings to the TAGSA Executive
    • Chairing a TAGSA sub-committee on awards
      • Supporting the TAGSA award for best STLHE conference presentation led by a graduate student
      • Advocating for an STLHE award for graduate students that is similar to the 3M National Student Fellowship
    • Writing a column in TAGSA’s newsletter that provides updates to TAGSA members from the Chair, Student advocacy
  • Developing a student welcome letter to welcome new student members to the society
  • Working with TAGSA to create a survey to survey current STLHE student members