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I came across TimeToast awhile ago and was just reminded of it this morning as a tool for creating interactive digital timelines. A free account even allows photos to be uploaded, annotations and live links. I love the ‘timespan’ option, allowing a span of time to be highlighted and annotated. This adds some depth and interest to the typical timeline.

Public timelines can be viewed and shared ‘as is’; your own Timelines can be saved and made private or public. When public, you can share via Facebook, twitter or by grabbing embed code. Teachers can easily upload the timeline to the class website or blog for home viewing.

As I messed about with it again, I considered a variety of uses; both personal and professional. As a teaching tool, timelines have so many possibilities. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • A classroom calendar embedded on the class blog or website – the initial timeline can house calendared events over the year and can also be added to over time either by student request due to personal milestones (lost tooth chart anyone?!) or as the class wishes to share learning events and activities with the world.
  • Social Studies units could be greatly enhanced by students creating their own timelines of historic events, life and times of… or the class can co-create a timeline as they explore a specific person, place or time.
  • Tracking growth and change in a Science experiment using both photos and text is a unique way to share.
  • A unique way to create anĀ  ‘About Me‘ or ‘About my Family’ or ‘History of my Community’
  • Create a digital story – fiction or non-fiction
  • A way of sharing Inquiry learning perhaps. A timeline would help highlight the ‘process’

What uses come to your mind? Comment or Tweet to share!

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