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Community Shout Out: Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend, the 54-hour marathon that brings local entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and students together to take an idea from an initial pitch to a sustainable business, has come and gone.  Over the March 14th weekend, groups completed market research, developed

Going to School, Preparing for Work

We talk about professionalization a lot in the Spark lab. A few of the research assistants are engaged in website design and front end development — and everyone is counting down to graduation. Although this blog post about getting the

Students Visit The Spark Lab

As part of School District 23’s science fair elementary students were on campus last week to find out just what research and classes at UBCO are like.  30 students ranging from grades 4-6 came to have a tour of the

Community Shout Out: Start-Up Weekend, March 14-16

This is a special post for UBCO students who are interested in getting involved in the community and in honing their business skills, meeting potential mentors, and learning the start-up ropes. One of 400 international Start-up Weekends, the Kelowna weekend

Trial and Error with CSS

CSS is the language we use to add style to a webpage—to change the color of a page header or make an image into a page’s background. Learning to write CSS was tricky to say the least—a misplaced comma or

Raspberry Pi

For the past few weeks here in the lab my fellow RAs, Travis White and Sabrina Schoch, and I have been waiting for computer parts we ordered to arrive from the US. Finally, after a long wait and just a

Dr. Dene Grigar Visits

Dene Grigar is professor at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington. She, Hussein Keshani, and Lee Foote (director of the Devonian Botanical Garden at the University of Alberta) presented their “Evolving the Botanic Garden” project, as part of the Emerging

Shout Out: Maker Day

“Many kids don’t have garages or basements and have never had the opportunity to hold tools or operate equipment”, says Susan Crichton, director Innovative Learning Center, UBC Okanagan. “Maker Days in our classrooms are an opportunity to re-claim the human

Panel: Publishing in the Digital Humanities

On October 23rd, the Centre for Scholarly Communication held a panel on Publishing in the Digital Humanities in the University Centre at the UBCO campus. About 15 scholars and students came to hear Dr. Constance Crompton, Assistant Professor of Digital


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