Interview questions – technology in learning

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Our ETEC 533 class is preparing to do video interviews of teacher-practitioners regarding their use of technology, and as part of that preparation, we’re getting some question ready. Here are mine:

Introductory questions to understand the teacher:

  1. What classes do you teach?
  2. How long have you been teaching?
  3. What is your degree in?
  4. Why do you teach?
  5. Do you enjoy teaching?

Let’s talk about technology and teaching:

  1. What technology do you use in your classes?
  2. What challenges do you have with technology and education?
  3. Do you find that technology hinders learning in some cases?
  4. Do you find that technology accelerates learning in some cases?
  5. Does technology change your teaching style?

Let’s talk about technology and its effect on learners:

  1. How do students feel about using technology in class?
  2. Do students ever complain about not using technology?
  3. Assess students’ levels of technology ability …
  4. Do you see gender differences in technology use?

Let’s talk about the future of education:

  1. Envision the classroom of the future. What does it look like?
  2. What is your ideal classroom – no expense spared?
  3. If you could give each of your students a top-of-the-line laptop now, would you?
  4. How would that change your class?


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