How to Find the Perfect App Developer

If you want to build an app for your startup or business, you will first need to find a really good app developer who can deliver exactly what you need. Building an app is not like building a website, where you can simply use DIY website builders. Finding the right app developer could be a lengthy process. So, know the following things about choosing a good developer so you know what to do without wasting time:

Check Out Previous Work

If you have an app developer in mind, check out the previous work he or she has done before you call. You can go to the app marketplaces for iOS or Android and download the apps to make sure they are any good. If you are hiring from an app development firm, go to the company’s website and check out the portfolio. It should show the type of apps the company has developed. It will give you a good idea whether the app developer is actually a good fit to deliver your expectations for the app.

Call on References

As you would when hiring a regular employee, you must check out the references of an app developer. Most individuals and companies include these in the resume or portfolio. Don’t be impressed by seeing a famous name on the list. Call up the references and get a recommendation before you hire the developer. If you hear much positive feedback from multiple references, then the app developer must be doing something right.

Check Out Online Reviews and Directories

Some app developers are listed on online directories, and some are even rated online. Check out these ratings and read the reviews in addition to calling on references. Do not judge the app developer solely based on online reviews. They could be written by anyone. But do use these reviews in an comprehensive analysis before hiring an app developer.

Ask for Sample Work

Developing an app as a sample is not an easy task. But, if possible, ask the app developer to do a small task for you. This should indicate what working with the person would be like. So, once you have narrowed down your list, sample work could be the defining factor.

Make Sure the Developer with Familiar with the Platform You Want for Your App

The app developer should be very familiar with the type of device and platform you want the app to be on. App developers specialise on android, iOS or crossplatform software. If you want an app for both Android and iOS devices, you need to hire a crossplatform developer who use generic type of coding. On the other hand, if you want the app to be available on Apple Watch you will need a developer who is very familiar with iOS and watchOS platforms. Clarify this before you hire.

Ask about Development Stage Work

There are different ways app developers works. Some only design the user interface for the app to make it appealing to the masses. Other developers do the hard coding that makes the app possible. Some companies or individuals charge additionally for one stage of work. You should probably hire a developer who can give you a single quote for all work involved for the sale of convenience and getting things done on time.

Also, the developers should have the right resources to test the app before launching. Once all this criteria had been met, you will be able to hire the right developer for your company’s app.

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