5 Tech Innovations for the Ultimate Home Viewing Experience

The modern viewing experience in a home theatre system must blend elements of comfort, automation, and high technology. The ultimate experience is automated, hands-free, and Wi-Fi enabled. Tech savvy individuals are in for the most indulging home theatre systems with these five must-have technologies for the ultimate home viewing experience.

  1.     Light Dimmers.

The internet has disrupted the way we live and the way we control our living experiences.71%, expecting to see at least one smart-home device in every home by 2025. The first step to this transformation is lighting.Wink and Philips Hue designed a home lighting system that not only dims lights with iOS but changes hues. The dimmer is a whole house system that can be as tame or eccentric as needed depending on the mood using Thorlight as a controller.

  1.     Mini Projector.

Ultimate viewing pleasure comes from the image. Projectors are getting smaller, compact while delivering a crisp display. The PH450U from LG will transform any space into a cinema. It is battery powered for the nights you want to move into the backyard to host the neighbourhood’s outdoor movie night. Its versatility is the most attractive feature; it can project a large screen or a small TV sized projection. This little projector packs a big punch and is comparable to larger more expensive competitors.

  1.     Projector Screen.

The best companion to a portable projector is a portable projector screen.Duronic FPS100/43 – Floor Projector Screen – 100″ (Screen: 203cm(w) X 152cm(h)) Portable Freestanding 4:3 Widescreen – With carry case. The screen is large enough to create home viewing as if in a cinema. It is durable, long lasting and quite compatible with the PH450U. The carry case is good for storing and transport. Easy to use with limited setup skills needed.

  1.     Smart Sound Bar.

For impeccable sound quality,The Smart Cast 45” sound bar puts out radical sound waves.  Vizio makes technology that is affordable yet disruptive. The sound bar has revolutionized speaker systems by giving a subwoofer audio quality streamlined into a linear speaker. For an individual viewing experience pair the headphones for TV. Headphones have a long range, and some are portable throughout the whole home.

  1.     Theatre Style Popcorn Maker.

The experience is best topped off with a delicious treat. Try a vintage style popcorn maker with a cart to enhance the home theatre space.The Great Northern Popcorn Popper with Cart is unique in style and mobile. The cart has sturdy wheels and a completely classic look. The cart has space to store gourmet toppings, so the treats are never bland or boring.

With these five must-have technologies, transform the ultimate home viewing experience into the maximum cinematic experience. Disrupt the movie watching experience with just five new technologies. I personally don’t recommend any product in particular, and I’d recommend comparing reviews on a site like Best Advisor before making any final decision.

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