4 Ecommerce Startups to Watch in 2017

The tech scene in Canada has been growing rapidly and many new companies are coming to the forefront all the time. We whittled down our extensive list of startups in the highly competitive ecommerce space to four that we really think are going to set the world on fire in 2018. Each one in their own way has beaten a path to success by finding a problem and then developing a new and innovative way to solve that problem.


Askuity is a new startup aiming to bridge the information gap between retailers and their suppliers. Their web and mobile based software platform connects retailers and suppliers and through data and analytics allows them to collaborate, plan and execute strategy. By accessing all the retail outlets where their items are sold, suppliers can quickly understand what is selling and what is not and adjust production accordingly. Askuity is a favourite of the venture capital community and has successfully completed three funding rounds.


Hopper is a price prediction app that can tell you when it is the best time to fly to save money. Available on both Android and IOS is has been a runaway success not just in Canada but has taken off worldwide. In its latest iteration it takes its price prediction technology and applies it to hotel bookings as well. It uses big data to predict future events and has collected 10 million price quotes from 500 hotels in New York. Initially this feature will only be available for the New York market but plans are afoot to begin a roll out globally sometime in 2018.


Lodlois is a site that offers comprehensive reviews of ecommerce sites. The growing online review market has become increasingly important as consumers search for trusted sources to help them make purchasing decisions. Survey show that 92% of people read online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision and that young people. An important demographic to marketers. Are more likely to use an online review to make a decision than any other source. The firm has recently expanded and is gaining a strong reputation as a discount offers site. The site has been steadily building a following and we expect good things in 2018.

Stack STK

Stack STK is a pioneer in POS cryptocurrency payments and is in the process of rolling out the world’s first contactless payment system that utilizes a multi currency crypto wallet. The beauty off their offer is that you will no longer have to convert your cryptocurrency in advance of your shopping trip. You can keep all your money safely in Bitcoin and only convert the part you want to spend instantly at checkout. This may very well be the application that brings cryptocurrency to a much wider audience as it makes it much easier to purchase things. Stack STK is currently doing an ICO and will be making their product available in Canada in the first quarter of 2018 with a US debut around mid year.

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