How Mobile Apps are Changing Business

Mobile apps are everywhere nowadays. More and more businesses are using this digital tool to corner the mobile market. The number of customers who use mobile devices to access the web and shop are on the rise. It’s anticipated that the number will continue to rise in the future. However, mobile apps are unarguably not suited for all businesses. If your business is currently considering developing a mobile app, here are several benefits that your company might be able to enjoy:

Sell Directly to the Rapidly Rising Mobile Market

As mentioned above, the mobile-oriented customer base is on the rise. So, if you want to sell to this audience, a mobile app is the best way. Mobile responsive websites won’t cut it. Apps are faster, and they are specifically designed to be optimally interactive on smartphone screens. Also, you will be able to gain ground on competitors who have yet to launch mobile apps.

Increased Availability

The average Canadian spends more than an hour using his or her smartphone or tablet, according to market research data. People rarely spend time browsing on desktops. On mobile phones, however, people spend time checking out sites and products. This is mainly because people tend to use phones while en route to somewhere, or waiting in line at the dentist. These are prime time to capture a customer’s attention. The customer will be interacting with your company more if you have a mobile app, rather than just a website. So, don’t wait and find an app development company to be available to your customers 24/7, regardless of whether they are in front of a computer or not.

Create a New Marketing Channel

Apps are more than just a tool to get customers to interact with your business. They are also lucrative direct marketing channels. Customers interact in many ways with businesses and online stores via apps. Whether it’s reading news, connecting to a forum, filling out a form or playing a game, there are plenty of opportunities to directly market to a potential customer. Apps can be where customers learn about special promotions or new products. If someone is already using your app, then that means they are already interested in your business. Thus, conversion rates for mobile app ads tend to be far higher than on any other channel.

Execute Loyalty Programs

Mobile apps are the best way for a business to execute a loyalty program. Customers who use apps are already loyal to some extent. You can solidify this loyalty, and drive conversions, with an app-based loyalty program. It can be a fun and interactive way to keep customers coming back to your business.

More Brand Awareness

Social media is at the forefront of creating brand awareness nowadays. But apps can promote brands as well. A great app can make a relatively little known brand famous on the continent. Customers who use your app will have no trouble recognising the brand name after a while. So, if your business is struggling with creating brand awareness and getting social proof, try again by creating a great app.

Mobile apps in general vastly improve customer engagement. The benefits to a business can be many. Some companies are built on great mobile apps. Think Uber. So, your business may be able to generate new revenue with a mobile app as well. But first, you will have to invest in creating a truly great app.

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