4 cool home tech enhancements

If, in the year 2000, someone was told that their mobile technology could sync with their homes – start playing music the moment they walk in or greet them like a friend, they might tell that person to stop dreaming about science fiction and come back to reality. But that is our new reality… Homes are becoming smarter and coming to life with new technologies.

  1. Talk to Alexa, and have everything sorted for you

An innovative system by Amazon that will tell you jokes, play your favourite tunes and even call a car for you. The virtual assistant that comes with the sound system is called Alexa and the tubular device is also compatible with a few other technologies such as additional speakers to run Alexa through your entire house, allowing you to change the temperature in another room and oh, it can also help you take down your to do list and remind you of it.

  1. Go green with Caia and shine a light wherever

Caia developed by Solenica, helps redirect the sun to wherever you need it to go. Ideal for dark corners that the sunlight from the windows rarely touch. It employs a similar mechanic as a mirror, but it is able to reflect much more sunlight than a reflective piece of glass. Furthermore, it is configured to be set up almost anywhere, from the window still to the balcony. It is an eco-friendly technology that saves energy and also, the robot itself is solar powered.

  1. Burglar-proof your house with these smart inventions

There are automations available for purchase that allows you to control the lights in your home through your mobile phone. This means that you can turn them on even when abroad, to ward off burglars by allowing them to assume someone is home. Rather than leaving the lights on or off the entire time. Another technology that allows for better security is a smart lock, you’ll be able to control who enters your house and in the event you can’t remember whether you locked the doors behind you or not, you can always check through your phone. Handy!

  1. Weather controlled technology

Back in 2015, earthquake beds made their rounds on the internet. The concept is that when the bed senses an oncoming earthquake, it would activate and protect the sleeper by encasing him or her. The bed is fully equipped with supplies that will keep the victim alive long enough for help to arrive. It was not well received due to the potential of losing a limb when the contraption activates. However, it was only a concept and has since been abandoned. What might be useful is a weather station that is capable of sending weather reports directly to your phone and tell you whether you’ll need an umbrella for the rest of the day or if it will be clear skies till nightfall.

Of course, in order to procure all these technologies, one must first own a house and the best way to start looking is through house auctions rather than real estate agents. Or, go around your favourite neighbourhood and check out whether there are any houses up for sale. Once that’s set, you’re one step closer to your dream home!

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