Why is programming the vital language of the future?

Rapid growth in big data and application of analytical algorithms has created massive opportunities for data scientists. Large data persistently continues to gain popularity; the field of Big Data analytics is a secure and stable choice for an expert in any field who may be seeking a satisfying, well-paid career.

If you want to stay ahead of the ‘curve’ or are looking to strengthen your career in the data science field, R is a popular programming language that you can learn to enhance your career.

What makes R so important?

R is a programming language made specifically for data visualizations and statistical analysis. The R language is a very valuable in the statistical computation and data science field. The R language is extremely adaptable and extensible and supports various graphical techniques. It offers several techniques like clustering, time-series analysis and classification technique, nonlinear/linear modelling and classical statistical tests. R allows the user to conduct a wide range of statistical analyses using pre-defined packages and libraries. R is sought after by many of the major big names, such as Google, Facebook, New York Times and etc.

R is an open-source program, which is readily available for everyone to install, use, modify and redistribute which makes it very easy to integrate with other applications.

R is cross-platform compatible, which can be run on various operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS and Windows of course. It has the capability of importing data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL and other programs.

R is extremely flexible and advanced; many new developments in stats first appear as R packages. R packages are collections of functions and data sets developed by the community. They increase the power of R by improving existing base R functionalities, or by adding new ones.

R is one of the most powerful scripting languages; it has the capability of handling large, complex sets of data. R is the ideal language to use for complex reproductions and it can be used on complex high performance computer bundles.

R has the community support of leading statisticians, data scientists from all over the globe. In addition R offers several thousand free libraries for limitless use.

Where can you download and set up R?

R can be downloaded from the following links below:

Where can you learn R programming language?

If you aren’t certain that R is for you, and you are trying to figure out which language is best for you – take an introductory course. Many prefer a structured learning environment, so you can attend courses such as Machine Learning Using R Training, which will definitely help you as a future analyst. The aim of this course is to familiarize you with statistical models for supervised and unsupervised learning using R programming language and how the R language environment supports predictive modelling with machine learning.

You can also keep tabs on the R community. Follow blogs and forums to hear about the latest features, packages and workshops. Many communities offer short tutorials about without breaking the bank.

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