From secluded island to an industry of tourism – Bali

One of the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia, Bali is an island paradise. The hidden magic of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination knows no bounds, and it all begins with the Pacific Ocean’s waves lapping against the sands of the island’s beaches. The beaches that first drew tourists to Bali are some of the most beautiful in the world, boasting incredible sea life and world-class snorkelling and diving in the island’s surrounding waters. There is something for every kind of tourist here. Despite being what Bali is most renowned for, the magic does not just stop at the beaches – it is all over the island, sprinkled through the mountainsides, the rainforests, the waterfalls, the temples, the rice fields…even the very streets.

Step off the beach, and visitors find themselves in the organised chaos of Balinese streets, surrounded by the locals and the smells of the street food. With volcanic mountain ranges, lush rainforests of emerald green, rice fields of pristine lime green, and towering waterfalls forged from sheer drops and towering cliff sides, Bali somehow manages to be home to all the natural tourist attractions that people usually must travel to multiple destinations to tick off their bucket lists. Hailed as a tropical paradise, Bali is a natural wonder in and of itself. The rainforests seem to be intricately woven around the many temples that stand around the island. Not only are the temples tokens of Bali’s rich culture and history, but they seem to withstand the very test of time, simultaneously having the traditional style of most Balinese temples and the ability to stand out as highlights of the Balinese culture.

The culture of Bali’s people is rich, with most of them being of Hindu faith (hence the island’s many temples). Visitors to Bali can experience the culture not only in learning the language before visiting, but in the food and history of the island. Cooking classes are an exciting way to literally immerse yourself in the tastes and textures that define Balinese cuisine, and are one of the most popular activities. One of the best ways to immerse oneself in another’s culture is to learn to cook that culture’s cuisine, and Bali has some of the most delicious food in the world.

The best way to make use of one’s time in Bali generally depends on the individual, but everyone can agree that the villa resorts that pepper the island are regarded as some of the world’s most beautiful and unforgettable luxury hotels not just in Indonesia, but on the planet. Highly recommended for those looking for a romantic getaway, visitors experience the natural beauty of Bali in its purest form from the comfort of their private infinity pools.

From the natural wonders and the tourist attractions, to the transportation and accommodation available, there is no shortage of adventure, luxury, and magic on Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. Whether an adventurous free spirit or an easy goer in search of relaxation and pampering, Bali has it all.