Ed Tech prepares students for higher education and increases accessibility of knowledge

In the recent years, there have been a lot of technological advancements in almost all fields. Education Technology (Ed Tech) is just one of the many fields that have been influenced by the digital innovations. Ed Tech has brought opportunities in various manners and has allowed education to have a wider reach. Through Ed Tech, students all over the world have benefited in terms of extra learning, tutoring, and in some cases even schooling. Ed Tech has allowed more affordable and accessible learning and knowledge to children and adults throughout the world especially in terms of gaining higher education. There are now options available that can transform a students learning experience and help them prepare for university. Here are 3 different ways by which Ed Tech has changed the learning process of students.

  1. Online Certification Courses

Initially, the only way in which students could learn and discover their interests was through the limited classes they had available. Now, however, with platforms like Coursera and Edx, students have the ability to learn different online certificate courses. These courses can help one understand what one is truly interested in and develop their skills before proceeding with higher education. The courses available on these online platforms are both paid (in case one requires the certificate) and unpaid. They not only help a student understand where their strengths lie, they are beneficial when the student is deciding what university majors they would like to take. Moreover, as online certification becomes more recognized worldwide, it can be used to highlight one’s skills on their Resumes.

  1. Online Tutoring Services

Everyone knows how expensive finding a tutor can be and that not everyone can afford a tutor. A lot of capable students have missed out on opportunities because of their weakness in one subject which could have been easily learned with some extra support. Through Ed Tech, students have a higher possibility of understanding harder concepts. This is because they can access online information via YouTube and online tutoring platforms that provide explanations to students at much more affordable rates, and even for free at times. The increase of online tutoring has allowed a lot of students to succeed in their school years even if they have limited resources. The availability of learning material at lower costs allows more students to access opportunities and therefore proceed with their careers.

  1. Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is one of the most important parts of student’s high-school lives. A lot of the times, standardized tests such as the SATs are the most important factor in student acceptances from universities around the world. Higher scores in the SATs also help students get scholarships and apply for merit-based financial aid. The process of studying for standardized testing used to be costly. But, in the last few years platforms like Khan Academy and other standardized testing focused startups have developed that provide AP learning or SAT prep or a GRE class. These platforms are accessible to all and usually free and extremely reliable as they are focused on teaching students through researched and tested methods.

Overall, the availability of Ed Tech has opened doors for the young generation to pursue the career they want. It has made it more affordable for students to explore their choices and understand where their strengths lie. These digital innovations are allowing this generation to be more skillful, aware, and more educated.