Affordable marketing for small businesses

Running a small business is a big task and so is creating its marketing campaigns. There are a lot of different responsibilities that fall on the entrepreneur running the small business. From creating a brand image to recruiting a small team, as well as creating content for the business. However, one of the most important aspects of running a small business is being able to market the product or service. There are many ways in which small businesses can market themselves. Marketing in the current world is mainly online which makes it more affordable. Moreover, online marketing can be customized according to each business. Whether the business is of consultancy or a small business, these methods can be used by any and all businesses. Here are a few affordable ways one can start marketing one’s small business.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who use themselves as a brand and create an influence over others. Influencers usually have a range of followers; there are micro-influencers that can have over 1000 followers or macro influencers who have over 100,000 followers. Even celebrities can serve as influencers. In influencer marketing, a brand provides their products to an influencer, usually along with a payment. Thereafter the influencer decides how to integrate the brand into their content and can choose how to portray the brand. While hiring an influencer, a lot of times micro influencers are the better choice for small businesses because they are more affordable. One of the main reasons for businesses to use influencer marketing is that it allows them to reach their target audience. Thus, creating an online presence for the consumers that will be willing and able to purchase the products and services the business has to offer.

  1. Paid Ads On Instagram / Facebook

A simple way for small businesses to market and advertise their products and services is through paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The paid platform a business chooses to use for advertising depends on what the business is selling. However, Instagram is a common choice for many small businesses. There are several different forms of advertising through Instagram, such as stories, video and photo advertisements, as well as carousel advertisements that allow more than one picture or video in the same post. The pricing of Instagram Ads can start from as low as 5 USD, hence it is rather inexpensive. Understanding which ads work best for the business would require researching both competitors and analyzing the best results for one’s own business. Overall, Instagram paid ads are an affordable way for one to create an online presence for one’s small business.

Furthermore, ads on social media can become incredibly targeted and if one is running a windows and doors business, one would be able to target new home owners or those who have recently shown interest in home security, home improvement and the like. Another perk of targeted ads is that one can show the ads to those in the same area if the business is localized or globally, if it’s an online store which ships internationally.

  1. Other Methods of Gaining Exposure

Small businesses have several other ways to market their products and services affordably. For example, if a business is using a website, content and email marketing are a great way to create an online presence. Many times content marketing can even be free of charge, especially if one knows how to effectively identify one’s audience and utilize different strategies such as guest blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing for small businesses can also extend to word of mouth by showcasing the business to one’s own community and requesting that information to be shared amongst other networks. Marketing for small businesses, therefore, can be very affordable and if done right can create a huge success for the business.