The automotive industry moves towards an electric future

The automotive industry has quite literally carried us from A to B for years. Transportation has been one of the greatest innovations at the hands of mankind since the first vehicle prototype was rolled out. These days, the automotive industry is amid a revolutionary transition, with the development of the electric vehicle being propelled forward and showing promise of a cleaner, more healthy future.

In this future, it is not only extremely likely but almost certain that electric vehicles will be rolled out on a global scale, with resident vehicles, business cars, and even significantly-sized corporate vehicle management companies going electric. The revolution is sparking right now, and the future is bright. But realistically, what is the current trajectory of the electric vehicle looking like?

The electric vehicle today

The development of the electric vehicle (EV) has brought with it a promising future, but in terms of where the electric vehicle sits currently, its grasp on modern consumers continues to tighten all the while. Electric vehicles on the road today are mostly powered by Tesla, the pioneering car manufacturer first responsible for making the dream a reality.

Today, there are just four million electric vehicles on the road – a miniscule number when one considers the fact there is currently over a billion petrol and diesel vehicles on the roads around the world. The adoption of the electric vehicle has excelled at an astronomical rate. In twenty years, the first million electric vehicles were sold. Today, a million of them are sold within a matter of four to six months.

The future of the electric vehicle

The changes to the automotive industry that are already in motion, as well as the changes that will soar into motion as the technology continues to evolve, are exciting, to say the least. While today the electric vehicles on the market are impressive and pioneering models of technological genius, the EV models of the future are likely to boast completely self-driving imbedded computer systems, smart awareness, and even hovering vehicle mechanisms in the distant future.

All the scenes we once saw in movies are coming to life before our very eyes, and the development of the EV is arguably the most innovative of all the dreams to come true. In a world where our impact on the planet has been so devastating, this kind of movement for change is not only welcomed, but enthusiastically encouraged.

Luxury carmakers join the revolution

Previously slow to gain favour in the industry, the evolution of the electric vehicle is expected to be the life-changing on an unparalleled scale. While Tesla has remained the definitive front runner in EV technology, companies like Volvo and Ford are coming out of the woodwork and pledging their ceasing of producing fuel-ran vehicles.

The truly unexpected source of support, however, comes in the form of the luxury car makers of the world. Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Range Rover are among the vehicle manufacturers who have openly committed to their support of an automotive industry that thrives on the development of electric vehicles.